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You're One Flywheel Away From
Adding $1 Million Revenue.
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Here's what it looks like for most people...

Starts with $1000

• Put $1000 in Marketing & do $2000 in Sales.
• Spend $1000 in costs. Back to $1000.
• Repeat.

Instead of...

$1000 -> $3000 -> ... -> $100,000

One working flywheel can get you more million more revenue.

Currently what you have is a knowledge gap.

And that knowledge gap is costing you over $1 million per year.
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It's easy if you've done it before because you know the exact steps to take.

You can breakthrough the ceiling caused by the old methods.

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Meet Your Guide, Wayne Yap

He took his math skills to make his first $1m by 27-years old, through the game of poker.

When he made over $3m, he started seeking out purpose in life and investing in businesses.

In Apr 2021, he acquired Kosme Aesthetics when they were doing $2500/month. By October 2023, that business crossed $340,000/month.

Which is 146x in 30 months. Or an annualised increment of $4,050,000.

And... He's happy to take you through these 3 simple steps.

• Week 1: Start with a 1:1 half-day consult to discover exactly where you're stuck.

• Week 2-4: Build out your first flywheel. Done with you and done for you options available.

• Week 5-12: Optimise your flywheel and get you ready to scale.

So you're clearly on your way to an additional $1m.

It's about knowing exactly what to do and then doing it.

All signal. No noise.
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What Others Say About Wayne...

Christoffer Stahle

"Who do you listen to? You listen to who has what you want and has been where you are. Wayne is an expert at breaking down in bite-sized chunks. I highly recommend his program"

Denver Tham

"I run a 7-figure education business. After applying Wayne's analysis, my business noticed a 27.5% increase in LTV.  This increase has resulted in a 6-figure increment in revenue."

Bryan Huang

"Wayne is one of the most intelligent people I know who has challenged my thought process and approach in multiple fields."

Lance Yeong

"Frank. If you want some unfiltered true good advice, he's the person you will want to look for." 

Ben Yong

"Since working with Wayne, I had my best month in 7 years and did $110k."

Johnathan Ang

"He helped us unlock $1,000 in the first 12 hours"


$402k spent on Google Ads. You don't spend this much if it doesn't work.
From one location to three. We scale fast and put butts in chairs.
We get website free visitors (100k/mth) so you get organic traffic for free.
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