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Review of 5 Best Mastermind Groups & Why Verified7 is $7/mth

I've invested over $1,000,000 in Coaching Programs, Courses & Mastermind Groups... And this article will tell you about my 5 favourite mastermind groups.

Before we dive into that... We have to start with: What is a mastermind group? And by what factor am I rating these mastermind groups?

In case you don't already know, Napoleon Hill popularised the concept of a mastermind group in his book Think And Grow Rich. According to Hill, a mastermind group is a partnership of two or more individuals committed to achieving a specific goal through mutual cooperation, sharing of knowledge, and support. It's a collective that harnesses diverse skills and perspectives to foster personal and professional growth.

Top 5 Most Important Aspects of a Great Mastermind Group:

Shared purpose
Shared Purpose
  1. Shared Purpose: Members unite with a common goal that drives the group's efforts and focus. This could be holding each other accountable, sharing the latest secrets about what's working in a niche or working on deals together.
  2. Confidential Spaces That Allow Vulnerability: Great mastermind group members hold space for each other to be vulnerable and share their biggest challenges. When members share openly, other members solve their biggest challenges.
  3. The People: If the group has enough diversity of people and ideas, there will be people who find your problems easy. And it's also about who's not in the room.
  4. Fun & Connection: It can definitely get lonely as an entrepreneur. Whether you're a solo founder or co-founder, there are dark days when you feel you've no one to talk to. Having an environment that is fun and where you can connect with like-minded business owners is the best self-care.
  5. Bang for Buck: When they all usually go for $10,000 or more, it's important to think about the value you get from a mastermind group.

After investing many hundred thousands in masterminds, I started wondering: Why do masterminds have to cost so much?

Is it to filter out the people who can't afford to pay? So that you get highly motivated entrepreneurs committed to personal growth? Can't I create my own mastermind group that curates well for a much cheaper price?

Anyway... I'll tell you more about Verified7 and my mission with it later. We've got to get my ADHD entrepreneurial mind back on track. To review my 5 favourite personal development and business mastermind groups.

Or... if you're already more curious about Verified7 than the review, you can go to https://wayneyap.com/verified7 right away.

So here we go, in no order of favouritism.

10x Ambition Program by Dan Sullivan (Strategic Coach)

Dan Sullivan is one of the most respected business coaches in the marketplace. His existing clients are some of the top entrepreneurs in the world. Strategic Coach has 3 tiers of programs

  1. Signature Program: A foundational program designed to elevate entrepreneurs by mastering time, money, and relationship management.
  2. 10x Ambition Program: Tailored for high-achievers aiming to scale their business and impact by tenfold through strategic innovation and leadership.
  3. Freezone Frontier: A program that's focused on collaboration between visionary entrepreneurs who create unique value by combining two organisations' superpowers.

I attended the 10x Ambition Program in 2019 for CAD 25k and was one of the most inexperienced entrepreneurs in the room. The individual members all had to have at least $500k of personal income to join, which meant that there were many 8-figure plus business owners.

Dan is famous for coming up with new ideas and his Thinking Tools... Which are absolutely amazing. Compared to other masterminds, this program forces you to pen down your thoughts on specific things, leading many to breakthroughs.

The room is about 60 people, and you meet at the same place (Toronto for me) for 2 days a quarter.

Score: 40 of 50

Shared Purpose: 9
People were there to grow their businesses.

Confidentiality/Vulnerability: 7
The Thinking Tools worksheets facilitated some vulnerable conversations.

People: 9
Definitely a lot of crazy smart people in the room.

Fun/Connection: 8
I'm not sure it would be "fun" in the general sense of the word or if that's what people go there for.

Bang for Buck: 7
Dan is generous with his best ideas and you can get 80% of them for free online.

Who would benefit most from Strategic Coach

If you enjoy learning about concepts and thinking tools, you'll love Strategic Coach. The people in the room are amazing, and the content is generally quick and simple to understand while also being incredibly useful.

I definitely credit a lot of my personal business successes to concepts from Strategic Coach. Even before going to the mastermind, I binged around 200 podcasts and mini-books by Dan. "Bang for Buck" doesn't score the highest because I had already done or tried around half the tools he gave us.

Strategic Coach is perfect if you want to find a mastermind group that uses tools to solve your business challenges. You can visit them at www.strategiccoach.com

Baby Bathwater Institute

I attended BBI in 2024 and found it to be different from many masterminds. There were around 150 attendees, and multiple tracks ran simultaneously.

You could have fun with the open bar, live music and altered states. You could learn about business and marketing. Or you could go to the beach and have fun.

Live music at Baby Bathwater 2024, Cabo.
Live music at Baby Bathwater 2024, Cabo

Group members consisted of a lot of marketers and e-commerce owners. Entrepreneurs didn't join the mastermind group for the guru or leader of the community. It was more of a "people's mastermind" with an emphasis on relaxed vibes, no pitching and having fun.

Score: 39/50

Shared Purpose: 8
Most people were there to have fun, so that was the purpose.

Confidentiality/Vulnerability: 5
There were no mechanisms or places for us to share our struggles.

People: 9
There were many people who were top-notch.

Fun/Connection: 10
Definitely fun.

Bang for Buck: 7
It's alright and I would treat it more of an expensive holiday with fun networking.

Who would benefit most from

If you're in a place where you just sold your business and want to be around like-minded people having fun, this is an amazing place to go to.

Platinum Partnership by Tony Robbins

I did my one-year Platinum Partnership program in 2018. Attending Tony Robbins events really changed my life. Although I no longer enjoy jumping up and down in rooms and pumping myself to peak state, I'm not forgetting all the lessons that Tony Robbins taught me.

Always refused to join the line to take picture with Tony, so this is all I got.
Always refused to join the line to take picture with Tony, so this is all I got.

It led me to many other courses and groups, which also profoundly impacted my life.

Score: 37/50

Shared Purpose: 8
People were there for Tony and to learn from Tony.

Confidentiality/Vulnerability: 5
My issue with this is that they're very pushy on the upsells and putting you in peak states to get you to buy the next program.

People: 7
I definitely met a lot of cool people there I want to keep in touch with. There are also a lot of people I would prefer not to be in the room with.

Fun/Connection: 8
It's a lot of fun for Type-A people who want to push themselves all out.

Bang for Buck: 5
I paid $85k for it and learned a lot from it. But you're mostly paying for an expensive seat at his regular events and for networking with other Plats.

Bonus points: 5
His event, Date with Destiny, definitely shaped me positively in multiple ways. Tony also has access to the top business minds, so going for his program exposed me to many of his collaborators, such as Jay Abraham, Roland Frasier, Peter Diamandis, Keith Cunningham, and Krishnaji.

Who would benefit most from

Note: If you completely cannot stand the "hype of dancing and jumping up and down", maybe skip this one.

If you're new to attending events and want a big firehose of content and an introduction to other people's body of work (for me, it was 10 trips from Asia to the US/Europe in one calendar year).

Or if you feel stuck in what you do and are "finding meaning in life", Tony's stuff is amazing.

Control Room Mastermind by Elliot Roe

Elliot Roe is one of the world's best high-performance coaches. He's one of the kindest and most genuine coaches you'll ever meet. I attended his mastermind group twice in 2018 and 2023 and loved it. Regrettably, he has decided to discontinue the mastermind to focus on his true passion of 1:1 coaching.

Elliot's Control Room Mastermind was held in a cottage in Utah, with this view.
Elliot's Control Room Mastermind was held in a cottage in Utah, with this view.

Score: 43/50

Shared Purpose: 7

Confidentiality/Vulnerability: 10

People: 9

Fun/Connection: 9

Bang for Buck: 8

Abundance360 by Peter Diamandis

I attended Abundance360 in 2024 and was blown away by the quality of the content and community. Peter is a great connector of people and was able to attract the who's who of the tech world. From Eric Schmidt to Elon Musk to the other 10+ billionaires... The people you met in the room were incredible.

Abundance360 2024's AI geniuses
Abundance360 2024's AI geniuses

What I really liked most was that many were going after the world's biggest problems and challenges. Not in a way of complaining about global warming. Or protesting about the latest thing they saw on Crisis News Network.

Instead, they were clear about what Peter calls your "Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP)" and "Moonshot". What's a big challenge or problem in the world that you can work towards solving in a definitive way?

3D printing a 10x better house for 50% of the price? Taking the scaffolding from pig's organs and injecting stem cells to grow them for human use? Autonomous flying cars?

Score: 43/50

Shared Purpose: 10
People wanted to use exponential technology to make the world a better place.

Confidentiality/Vulnerability: 8
Keith Ferrazi moderated some excellent sessions which helped people open up and be vulnerable.

People: 9
A really top-tier level of entrepreneur.

Fun/Connection: 9
Extremely fun.

Bang for Buck: 7
I paid $22.5k, and it's mostly a 4-day event with a tiny bit of online stuff. If I lived in the US and could collaborate with other members more easily, I would join again in a heartbeat.

Who would benefit most from

If you want to learn about exponential technology and are okay with being one of the dumbest people in the room, this is a great group to join.

You'll learn about the latest technology and its convergence. You'll also walk away with incredible optimism and a renewed sense of purpose (through your MTP).

My Number One Biggest Takeaway

Curated access, bridges and collaborations for wonderful entrepreneurs
Curated access, bridges and collaborations for wonderful entrepreneurs

Through the process of the MTP exercises, I realised what I cared most about. My MTP is to create curated access, bridges and collaborations for wonderful entrepreneurs.

And my first Moonshot is to build a deeply connected community of 10k 7-figure+ entrepreneurs. As well as my mission to help 7-figure+ entrepreneurs who need each other find each other.

This... Led me to decide to start Verified7.

Introducing Verified7


First, let's start with 3 things that are different about Verified7:

  • It's $7/month with a $100 joining fee (forfeit mechanism to prevent no-shows during matching calls) and not $10k, $25k or $100k it usually costs.
  • The key focus is to connect you with one or two other 7-figure+ entrepreneurs based on a questionnaire about your challenges, goals, and interests. It is not a big mastermind group where you meet in real life.
  • We exist for a purpose. We want to build the largest and most connected 7-figure+ community of wonderful entrepreneurs. With us, it no longer has to be expensive to network with other successful founders.

Who this is not for:

  • Sorry. If you can't prove you own (more than 25%) a 7-figure+ business, you cannot join. You're welcome to subscribe to my daily newsletter where I share what will help you get there by clicking here. Or you can join the Verified7 Waitlist by clicking here.
  • This is definitely not for you if you intend to network with people just to pitch to them. Our spies will catch you and send you to Siberia during winter.
  • You're not willing to be vulnerable about what's working and not working for you.

What you get for $7/month:

  • One AI-matched 60-minute call with one or two other 7-figure+ entrepreneurs. You get to choose from multiple sessions, so there's availability for all time zones.
  • Skool.com community with other Verified7 members.
  • If I tell you there's a secret bonus, is it still a secret?

You're invited to join me as I embark on my 25-year journey with Verified7.


Let's do this together. Let's create network effect and emergent properties. Let's connect and coelevate.

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What is a paid mastermind group?

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