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Marginal Cost: Definition, Formula, & Examples

Marginal cost is the change in total cost that arises when the quantity produced is incremented by one unit.

Why is marginal cost important?

Analyzing marginal cost helps businesses determine optimal production levels, set prices, and make informed decisions about resource allocation and profitability.

An easy way to understand marginal cost is:

Think of adding toppings to a pizza. Each additional topping, like pepperoni or mushrooms, adds a little extra cost to the overall price of the pizza.

Formula Of Marginal Cost

Marginal cost is the change in total cost that results from producing one additional unit of a product or service. The formula for marginal cost is:

Marginal Cost = Change in Total Cost / Change in Quantity

Alternatively, marginal cost can be calculated as the difference between the total cost of producing a certain number of units and the total cost of producing one additional unit:

Marginal Cost = (Total Cost of n+1 units) - (Total Cost of n units)

For example, if producing 100 units costs $1,000 and producing 101 units costs $1,015, the marginal cost of the 101st unit would be:

Marginal Cost = ($1,015 - $1,000) / (101 - 100) = $15

Understanding marginal cost is important for businesses when making production decisions, as it helps determine the optimal level of output and can inform pricing strategies.

We monitor marginal cost to determine the cost of servicing an additional client. This metric helps in pricing our services appropriately, ensuring that each new client contributes positively to our bottom line, thereby supporting sustainable growth.

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