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Multi-Armed Bandit: Definition, Problem & Solution

Multi-armed bandit is an algorithm used in website optimization to dynamically allocate traffic to variations that are performing well while still exploring other potentially better variations.

Why is Multi-armed bandit important?

Multi-armed bandit is important because it allows for efficient resource allocation in real-time, maximizing performance while continuously exploring potentially better options.

An Easy Way To Understand Multi-armed bandit:

Think of a casino slot machine with multiple levers. The algorithm tries different levers (options) and gradually learns which one pays out the most, while still occasionally trying other levers.

Problem & Solution of Multi-Armed Bandit

Problem: Balancing the exploration of new options with the exploitation of the current best option to maximize overall performance.

Solution: The Multi-Armed Bandit algorithm solves this problem by initially exploring all available options equally. As data is gathered, the algorithm starts to favor options that perform well while still occasionally exploring other options. This balance ensures that the algorithm adapts to changing conditions and converges on the best option over time.

Implementing a multi-armed bandit approach for our promotional campaigns at Kosme Aesthetics allowed us to dynamically allocate advertising budget towards the highest-performing channels in real-time.

For instance, by shifting more budget towards Instagram ads over Facebook based on real-time performance data, we maximized our ROI on ad spend, leading to a more efficient and profitable marketing strategy.

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