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A/A Testing: What It Is & When To Use It

A/A testing is comparing two identical versions of a webpage or app to establish a baseline for further testing.

Why is A/A testing important?

A/A testing helps establish a baseline and ensures that the testing infrastructure is working correctly before conducting A/B tests, preventing false positives.

An Easy Way To Understand A/A testing

Imagine you're launching a new email campaign and want to ensure your email system is working properly before testing different subject lines. You send the same email to two groups and compare the results to validate the system.

When to Use A/A Testing?

A/A testing should be used before running an A/B test to ensure that your testing infrastructure is working correctly and that there are no issues with your data or reporting. It helps establish a baseline and validates that any differences observed in the A/B test are due to the changes made and not due to errors in the testing process.

A/A testing is also useful when you want to determine the natural variability in your metrics. By running an A/A test, you can measure the expected variation in your data, which helps you set appropriate significance thresholds for your A/B tests.

At Kosme Aesthetics, A/A testing was our behind-the-scenes hero before any major campaign launch, ensuring our systems were error-free.

It established a reliable baseline, crucial for interpreting the true impact of subsequent A/B tests on our strategies effectively.

By confirming our data’s integrity, A/A testing allowed us to make informed, impactful decisions, driving Kosme Aesthetics' success forward.

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